Thursday, October 31, 2019

Single Review - Whiskey Eyes - Alan Finlan

Alan Finlan gave one of the standout performances on the Paddock stage at Buckle and Boots 2019, attracting a crowd of new friends and fans – as well as being a very noticeable character around site for the whole weekend, including helping out as a relief bartender. He has now taken the chance to show us what he has got with the forthcoming release of his first single Whiskey Eyes.

With a surprisingly clear voice this song really shines a spotlight on Alan’s song writing skills.  Backed by a powerfully strong beat throughout from the guitar and drums this really is beautiful storytelling in the country tradition. The words provide the imagery that lets you really picture that bar and that empty barstool, with the bartender leaning over to ask the guy if he’s alright/needs another shot.  A great example of Alan’s clever wordplay is the double meaning of “give you a shot” – reflecting both the person and the drink.

Don't worry the song doesn't endorse drinking; but a fair few of us can tell you that we find the answer at the bottom of a glass. The theme is a Country favourite – it’s a song about loss and only truly realising what you have when its gone. 

This song could relate to a bar/person anywhere in the world, the feeling is the same, the loss and the hope.

The inclusion of Kinsey Rose on this track really is a bonus – both for her harmonies and her own vocals
The other bonus is that she actually comes back!

Whiskey eyes in the first studio single from Alan.  A very entertaining live performer, it will be interesting to hear more of his original music

Whiskey Eyes by Alan Finlan is available download/stream on 7 November

Alan can be found on facebook, youtube and nursing a shot by an empty barstool…

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