Thursday, April 15, 2021

Single Review - The Mess I Made - Kezia Gill ft Sarah Jory


Kezia Gill has spent around 17 years becoming an overnight success, and we boarded the Kezia bus around two years ago.  It is a joy to see that she is now enjoying the recognition that her talent so richly deserves, not just by winning awards (triple winner at the last Silverball Country awards) but with radio airplay on national station Radio 2 – and on mainstream shows as well as Bob Harris Country.

Kezia’s new releases now go to Whispering Bob for first play amongst the great and good of the Country Music world, but Kezia shows why she is probably UK Country’s favourite home girl by attracting a massive and loyal audience to her Friday night livestreams live from her lounge whilst wearing her fluffy slippers!

Kezia is promising us a new EP to be released in the Summer, and the first track from that EP is The Mess I Made.  For this new single Kezia is making the most of her powerful and Bluesy vocal and to support that Kezia turned once again to two times Silverball Country Musician of The Year Sarah Jory to provide the incredible guitar to back her voice.  Although best known for her pedal steel, Sarah is an amazing guitarist, putting raw power and passion into everything chord she plays, and her performance here is no different.

When you have a single combining the two most talented women in UK Country, you hit play with an assumption that you will be hearing something good.  Just a simple guitar strum warms you up before Kezia comes in with a soaring, wailing vocal which transports you to the deep South.

I shouldn’t have played the games I played

A story of not so much regret but acceptance of “The Mess I Made”.  A semi cautionary tale, reminding us that if you get it wrong you must face the consequences, but to be honest you are going to listen to this just wrapped up in Kezia’s powerful singing and Sarah’s slide – the two complementing each other completely.

Kezia can embrace a range of styles – from her Irish roots to pure Country, a little modern Nashville/Pop country – and her willingness to experiment and her variety not only set her apart as a talented writer and performer but has also allowed her to bring this Americana influenced song to us.

You will for sure raise a glass, and sing along with this, and perhaps reflect on any games you have played, and any mess you may have made.


Kezia has clearly kept busy during lockdown, not just with this new single and her weekly livestreams, but also some fabulous videos along with husband Lloyd and there is also a fascinating behind the scenes video of the journey involved in getting The Mess I made out to the world.  As lockdown eases Kezia is booking live shows – probably most notable an appearance at Buckle and Boots Country festival as well as Craic by the Creek at the same venue.  A theatre show, and more intimate performances are also already on the calendar.

The Mess I Made, the new single from Kezia Gill is available to download and stream from Friday 16 April

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Single Review - Until I Do - Tim Prottey-Jones ft Stephanie Quayle


Looking back to when we had our first sit down with Tim Prottey Jones after he had opened for Jessica Lynn with his new band The Fatherline we were struck by how reserved he was, almost shy, and not making a big deal of his quite incredible musical CV.  You almost have to drag out of Tim some of his stories of appearing in the West End, on stage at Hyde park and a memorable night at the Grand Old Opry

Fast forward to now, and Tim seems far more comfortable in his “new” guise as – well, as Tim really!  With his single releases under his own name, his production work, his many collaborations during lockdown and his near legendary videos, staring into the camera!

With this apparent comfort comes his new single “Until I Do” – a duet with American artiste Stephanie Quayle.  Although Tim is a skilled songwriter in his own right, the new song was written by Nashville Songwriter Jeff Cohen who was also the link to Stephanie, with Tim wanting to have a cross Atlantic duet.  Stephanie too seemed very keen on the project

Tim is an incredible artist and human and when he reached out about the opportunity to collaborate on his song ‘Until I Do’, it was an honour to be a part of it

So to the music – opening straight into Tim’s vocals, deep and mellow over a simple piano track before the instrumentation starts to grow in the background – drums, mandolin, guitar provide a wonderful platform for the combination of Tim and Stephanie’s voices.  Although recorded on opposite sides of the ocean, the two combine so beautifully, so seamlessly you would swear that they are in the same studio, looking at each other as they sing of searching for love

I’d search the whole world over to find you, till I do

Until I do is modern Nashville at its best, a well written track performed by two perfectly matched singers, possibly the best that we have heard from Tim…so far!

Tim will be performing at this year’s Buckle and Boots Country Festival, and we can’t wait to hear him back on stage where he belongs

Until I Do, the new single from Tim Prottey-Jones featuring Stephanie Quayle is available to download and stream from Friday 16 April

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For additional information on Stephanie Quayle and to listen to new music, please visit:

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Single Review - God's Own Country - Sam Turner


There are many reasons why Yorkshire is called God’s Own Country, and in his new single Sam Turner lists many of them!  It would take an album to list all of them, but Sam has done well to squeeze the highlights into just under three and a half minutes of boasting about his birthplace!


With just his vocals and a guitar Sam presents us with a folk/country crossover with a definite nod to the songwriters of modern English folk – think Kate Rusby and Village Green Preservation Society – with a country leaning guitar style.  His debut single was more pop country with a rocky edge, so it is safe to say that Sam is not only finding his style but is adaptable with his singing.  The clever song writing and uplifting style is ever present.  Sam writes songs that you will sing along to, and smile as you do.


With a list of Yorkshires musical greats - The Human League, Pulp, and the Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and The Housemartins, plus Festivals, historical  successes and Yorkshire Tea Sam is obviously a proud Yorkshireman, but his real love is clearly the scenery and especially Flamborough Head where he shot a video for the song.  In fact the final chorus reflects that everlasting love as he says

“Take me Flamborough where the white cliffs meet the sea

Throw me in the air and let me scatter in the breeze

Say your last goodbyes, then let me rest in peace”


If Sam keeps up this level of song writing, his well deserved success will surely see him included on future lists of Yorkshire’s finest.  And as they say in Yorkshire

That’ll do

God's Own Country, the new single from Sam Turner is available to download and stream now

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Single Review - TOTM - Emilia Quinn


Emilia has dropped a surprise single today.  TOTM has an unusual subject and an unusual style of recording to go along with the unusual release!

Recorded (of course) during lockdown, it includes the live reaction of the few people who heard it performed captured via the internet, giving the feeling of listening along with everyone else in a bar room somewhere!  The subject matter is very female oriented and tackled in a comedic way – hence all the genuine laughter on the track.

By putting a humorous spin on the subject, Emilia harks back to the days of tongue in cheek recordings, but despite this being a comedy track, it is by no means a novelty song!

Played entirely on acoustic guitar with a certain twang to her voice, the track is very much in the country tradition - and the comedy story telling is not unknow in country!

The story is relatable, the rhythm invites you to clap along and the words will have you laughing along too.

Our advice is to pop on your sweatpants, throw some candy bars Emilia’s way and get this welcome surprise in your life!

TOTM, the surprise new single from Emilia Quinn is available to download and stream from today

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Single Review - Delete It - Eleri Angharad

Lockdown has had a range of effects on people.  For many it will have led to more time staring at screens, social media and chat apps.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get the right meaning into a text message, sometimes you are staring at those three dots wondering what is being typed.

And sometimes you are just not sure of you should send the message at all.

Deciding whether to hit send or not is the underlying theme of the new song Delete It from Eleri Angharad – and the title give you a clue as to what her decision was.

Musically the song is dominated by the piano that you can almost sense Eleri sitting at as she pours out her heart, accompanied by a sold drum beat and a guitar that soars in and out.  Vocally, Eleri has quite a unique sound to her voice, changing between the airy, folky sound of the chorus and strong singing of the verse.

The repetition of “I love you I delete it” in the latter part of the song serves well to give the image of someone constantly typing and deleting on their phone, over and over.  The message “I love you” is causing our storyteller quite some concern.  She loves him, but does he love her?  Should she say it?  Should she say it by text?

Or just delete it.

Ending on “I delete it” it is up to you as the listener to decide what happens next.  Does she delete it for good, or type it again, and again, and again?  It’s a new take on declarations of love and perhaps reflects the modern world that is full of ways to communicate with each other but lacking in actual communication.

Delete It has a slight 90s pop country vibe to it, but Eleri certainly makes her own mark on the style.  

As well as her own music, you can catch up with Eleri as she launches the third season of her livestreams, collaborating with other artistes in her Eleri’s Sunday Sessions.  As this song is the result if a collaboration (with Write Like a Girl founder Beth Keeping) perhaps we can expect more new music from Eleri as a result.

Delete It, the new single from Eleri Angharad is available to stream and download from Friday 19 March.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Single Review - Do You Wanna Go Out - Emily Lockett


The Country Music world is filled with female singer songwriters, sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart.  Emily Lockett is different.  She has no gimmick, no "image" (unless you count a wardrobe apparently full of Superdry) but a compelling stage presence and a fabulous voice.

Normally on stage with just her guitar, her youthfulness doesn’t affect her ability to hold a crowd’s attention – whether it was on the smaller bar stage at the British Country Music festival as one of the first acts or on the outdoor stage at the same event where she managed to captivate and hold the passing public heading back from the beach.

With her new single Do You Wanna Go Out, Emily has changed one aspect of her performance – she has added a full band.  Part of her recently released EP Paint It Red (mailed out as physical CDs by her hardworking pa/dad)

Starting with the sound of a crowd (remember them?) and a giggle, the electric guitar and drums with interspersed keys give a fuller, rockier sound to the music and perhaps adds a little rock edge to Emily’s recognisable vocal.

Its an up-tempo track, with a summery pop feel helping to make us dream about the better weather to come.  The theme of the song is a one night, no strings hook up – meet in a bar and just go out for fun. The lyrics also show a maturing of Emily’s already accomplished song writing:

“I couldn’t care less what tomorrow brings, it was never meant to end with a diamond ring”

Promising us a summer, promising us the days when we can go out, meet strangers and “turn the music up loud”, it is a feelgood song, bucking against the constraints of a wintry lockdown.  In the great tradition of album titles, the title for the EP comes from a line within the song

“If you go out, with me right now, we could paint the town red

For this EP Emily has been working with Matt Bishop of Honey Ryder and Tim Prottey-Jones, she has also been booked to open for such acts as Robert Vincent and Jessica Lynn, curtailed of course by the dreaded lockdown.

As with other artists, Emily has made use of the enforced down time to work on her music with this ep being honed and refined.

It was time well spent.

Do You Wanna Go Out, the new single from Emily Lockett is available to download and stream now on all major platforms

You can find and follow Emily on Facebook, Instagram, her website and stream all of her music on Spotify

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Single Review - Better Like That - Danny McMahon


Danny’s new song Better Like That already has fan approval – it was chosen via a VIP zoom party with 50 participants given the task of selecting one song from four.

The pandemic has certainly given us a new normal – zoom calls, lowered dress code for work (from home) and as for getting dressed up to go out – go where?  We are all now more accepting of the sitting around on the couch “in my t shirt, yesterday’s make up on and a messy bun” – which is also a comforting image when looking back at the more “ordinary moments” of a relationship

The song tells the story of a young man desperate to get back a woman he truly loves, whilst reminiscing in a pool of visual nostalgia, those comfortable and intimate memories (although it is just Danny looking dapper in the artwork!)

Although the girl has moved on in her life, as depicted in her social media postings (the modern barometer of someone’s life).  She has crafted herself a new image, but don’t forget he has seen you relaxing and less polished. 


“And girl I like you better like that”


Has she really moved on?  There are still clues in what she posts, a shared favourite song, memories of a place and time…

He wants her back, but he wants the old her back.

The musical style has changed slightly too – still very much modern country but with a little more studio magic, 80s drum production and smooth guitar.  Just like the girl in the story, Danny doesn’t move far from his roots, with a very “Danny” break in the final third as he repeats the chorus with a strong beat – you can see Danny with his hands in the air getting the whole audience clapping along! There is a hint of Thomas Rhett’s “Get Me Some Of That” in some of the imagery and theme behind the story!

If you are playing fantasy festival line ups during lockdown, Danny, with his trademark high energy sound and his way with a crowd of any size must be near the top of your list. Having introduced on stage at two different festivals -  Danny, we like you better like that!

Better Like That, the new single from Danny McMahon is available to download and stream from Friday 12 March

You can find and follow Danny on Facebook, Instagram, his website and on Spotify