Friday, November 1, 2019

Gig Review - Katy Hurt (as support) - The Islington

One of Silverball Country’s favourites ;0) opened for Kyle last night at The Islington, London.  Throughout the set, Katy referred to Halloween, a little disappointed that she couldn’t embrace the festival but thanked for the crowd for giving her their time. The dark, red velvet décor of the Islington has a slightly spooky atmosphere, preventing the artists from seeing faces of the crowd, a trick or treat?! Katy asked the crowd to step forward, so she could see them better, the crowd duly obliged but not first with a bit of humour and Colin suggesting we all shout “Boo!”

Originally from Long Island but growing up in the UK you can hear both elements in Katy’s music. She has incredible vocals, there is a hint of country twang but also, she can sing soul or the blues. Katy was joined by her guitarist, the very quiet but talented Gav. Katy asked a couple of questions about guitar parts in new music but also need his help, since glasses are “not a cool look”.
Following on from the songs Drink and Sleeping Next To You the crowd was treated to something brand new: Sounds Good In A Bar from the album Unfinished Business out today. A song that reflects what she and other song writers go through. 

With permission Katy moved on to sing something slightly more of the blues, Fire; if you though Katy had a powerful voice before, this song really does highlight her incredible vocals. 

Before singing Revved Up, Katy explained where the song and accompanying video ideas came from. This is dedicated to Clint Eastwood after watching the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but it wouldn’t be complete without making their own western video, so with a car borrowed from her dad, the band headed out to the Spanish desert. Despite finding themselves on a military site, the worst part is that they trashed her dad’s jeep. If the crowd could purchase a CD if would help her to pay him back!

Katy finished her set with Unfinished Business, a song that has changed meaning to her as she has experienced an incredible year and now, instead of being about losing a person, after all the crazy (good) responses is dedicated to all the people that turn out and support independent artists. 

Catch her next in Manchester at the Night and Day Café on 3rd November. 

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