Friday, November 1, 2019

Gig Review - Kyle Park - The Islington

Missing Texas already, Francesca took a gamble and decided to head to The Islington in London to hear Texan Kyle Park sing for the first time on his first UK performance. 

We understand country music to be 3 chords and the truth, so I suppose we must love the honesty when Kyle confessed that all his songs were from the heart but, they might not always be true. 

With Kyle’s own country favourites including Roger Miller, Merle Haggard, George Jones and George Strait; you could describe Kyle’s style as “old school”, but sadly there was no fiddle in the room or even the swing band he is associated with at the Colorado Music Festival. Kyle filled the space with his own presence, oh and that of a beer and a few whiskey shots on the side table; perfect props for Smoke And Beers

There is a religious element to his music that we have come to expect from the US. Kyle explained that his song Rio, had both a spiritual and rodeo message – sometimes you just have to go with the flow. The chorus of Don’t Forget Where You Come From: “Pray out loud, make your parents proud and don’t forget where you come from” says it all.   

You couldn’t ask to meet a nicer guy, on or off stage. The audience was treated to Kyle’s newest single – Every Day Kind of Love, dedicated to his wife Brandy, who momentarily stole the show as she came forward to give him a kiss afterwards. She also was the instigator of the two-stepping. 

The dancing and singing along was appreciated and welcomed. Kyle recalled a press conference in Europe back when he was just 21 where he was asked if he minded that the crowd danced and sang, his response – “Have you been to Texas?”!

This moved us nicely into redneck territory, Kyle explained it wasn’t always an insult and he definitely had redneck family members, an uncle that spent more annually on his BBQ pit than his kids’ education.  Kyle wrote his song Rednecks with Paychecks before he realised it was the name of a venue in Texas (check it out at 

Kyle acknowledged that country music is all about the lyrics (Amen), but he wished that it could get back creativity and focus on the song writing rather than studio tricks, etc. He wants a song that can make you laugh, or cry, even both.  Kyle didn’t fail to deliver with his tribute to George Strait, Fit For The King, an amalgamation of his song titles.

Kyle plays in France tomorrow before returning to Texas. We hope he comes back soon. 

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