Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Single Review - Traveller - Traveller

Gritty, husky, melancholic. All words to describe the sound of Traveller, the latest, self-titled single from the Americana influenced band Traveller

The track is focussed very much on the lead vocal, the words are focussed on his story.

The instrumentation is great, relatively simple and straightforward, but you want to listen to it – and the story is the same, simple and straightforward. As the title suggests it is a story of a travelling man, but clearly a weary one.  Will you listen to him, will you help him?

Traveller are a three-piece band from Scotland - you can hear a slight Scottish lilt in there -   and although this is their third recent single, it is the first time I have heard them, and as an introduction to their music it is superb.  The pace and the delivery showcases that great lead vocal and the range of instruments gives a promise of more to discover

Well worth a listen, well worth checking out their previous singles – and look out for more to come

The new self-titled single from Traveller is available now to stream and download

Find Traveller on Facebook, on Twitter and on the long, weary road...

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