Friday, October 11, 2019

Single Review - Out On The Road - Two Ways Home

When we spoke to Two Ways Home recently they told us that every song on their forthcoming album would be a stand alone track – and with this second release they are certainly living up to that promise.

Having been travelling the country on a Caffe Nero tour, alongside other dates it seems fitting that the next single is Out On The Road.

With Lewis providing harmonies, the song really highlight’s Isi’s voice in what is a quite uptempo track combined with some quite heavy instrumentation and a frankly awesome guitar solo with a real throwback sound reminiscent of the 70s/80s country rock groups.

In their own words

Out on the Road is a song we wrote in Nashville with Ben Jones. We were on tour at the time around America, enjoying the open road and drawing from how we were feeling about the places we’d seen. The main message of the song is that everything is alright as long as you are with the ones that you love. For us it is reminiscent of songs like Take it Easy by the Eagles with 3 part harmony parts and the very relaxed guitar solo.

We have mentioned before that Two Ways Home are a truly versatile act, having seen them do acoustic song writers rounds, take to the stage at Nashville Meets London, perform on the acoustic stage at TBCMF and play full band for Country In The Afternoon, and the music they are releasing from the album really supports that.  

On Out On The Road Isi really sounds like she is having a great time singing, and Lewis loves a chance to cut loose on guitar – he is surely one of the most talented guitarists on the UK Country/Americana scene.

Its no surprise that these guys have been named Caffe Nero’s Artist Of The Month, and I’ll be looking forward to not just the album, but every chance to see them performing this new music live.

Out On The Road, the new single from Two Ways Home is available on 18 October on all major platforms.

Catch Isi and Lewis on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Out On the Road….

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