Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Single Review - Sally - The Good Lies

UK Based pop country duo the Good Lies have just released their newest single Sally, the follow up to their debut single Summer Dream.  In their bio, Darren and Lauren say that when they met they “just clicked” – and listening to this track you can hear that it is certainly true.  The whole song is confident sounding, opening with Lauren’s gentle voice into harmony into Darren singing - the switch is smooth and effortless

It’s a sad song, beautifully performed and has a soft almost Summer vibe to it. Sally (lets call her that for this song) is self conscious, reserved and our storytellers want to try and help, feel they should hold back but they don’t give up.  In a way it is uplifting, it reflects the need to look out for other people, not try to judge them but to understand and be there for them when they need it.

A recognisable but difficult theme, the emotion is real and tackled in a very delicate way, and the musical performance is showcasing not just the great writing skill but the talents of these seasoned performers.

Only the second single from The Good Lies, Sally is definitely a promise of more great music to come – and makes you think about checking up on your friends…

Check up on The Good Lies on their website and facebook

Sally is available to download now on all digital platforms

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