Thursday, February 20, 2020

EP Review - My Heart Will Wait - Nicol and Elliot

We get a wide range of emails in the Silverball Country inbox, but one in particular caught our attention as it was a little bit different!  The email was about Last Night From Glasgow and tells us not just about a music release but also a new project.

The project is Hive, and to us it sounds a fabulous initiative to support independent artistes – and that is exactly what is needed in the UK Country/Americana scene

In the words of LNFG

Hive is for artists, by artists and provides them with a self-contained toolkit to release, publish and promote their catalogue within the protective environment of an existing label. The composition of the initiative is designed to encourage artists to work together in a mutually beneficial way and to share the responsibilities that come with releasing music

Clearly there is far more to a successful music release than just popping into a studio, recording and sitting back… so for LNFG to put together this package to help artistes to not only promote their own music but support others in a similar situation is a big step, and to be applauded!

The first release on this new initiative was from Nicol and Elliott who sent their new EP to us following a chat with Katee Kross at a gig in Glasgow – collaboration at its best!

The title track of the EP – My Heart Will Wait – is very evocative, with the mellow instrumentation and Rachels vocals taking you to a smoky cafĂ©, late at night, with the harmonies and violin helping to set that scene.  The slightly faster paced The Long Way Down feels like a continuation, as though the EP is a story rather than a collection of songs, featuring more of Andrew’s vocals this time.  So Long Ago is very much driven by the two voices combining, with piano and drum marking the pace and lending a more Jazz/Blues feel while final track Letting You Go takes us back to a very folk feel, with slowed and very minimal instrumentation.

(Andrew) Nicol and (Rachel) Elliot initially collaborated for a one off show, but their mix of influences, which combine indie with folk, Americana with Southern Gothic and a massive dose of Celtic come together to create a haunting, emotive very listenable EP, with harmonies, held notes and perfect instrumentation.

We hope to hear a lot more from this duo – and a lot more from Last Night From Glasgow’s excellent Hive initiative

My Heart Will Wait, the new ep from Nicol and Elliot is available to stream and download. For more about them, check their Facebook , keep in touch with Last Night From Glasgow on Facebook  and online 

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