Monday, February 10, 2020

Single Review - Better In Blue Jeans - Laura Oakes

A valentine’s day gift from Laura Oakes - Better in Blue Jeans!

Does anything say country more than a pair of blue jeans?

This is another country-pop offering from Laura with a vibrant upbeat from the opening line. The drum provides the beat that is almost impossible not to tap along to.  The full band is in there too, bass and lead guitar and if you listen clearly enough, the steel guitar.  

Clear lyrics throughout, even in the tongue twisting line “so where this undiluted, high falutin’ all about?” I’m not entirely sure what this means, but I know it’s not complimentary! 

Laura is singing about the guy that’s made it, evident by his change in dress sense. She’s proud of them but that doesn’t excuse their behaviour and it’s something that she doesn’t like, she doesn’t recognise their behaviour and much prefers the person that they were before - the guy in blue jeans!

No, you’ve not gone mad, you may have heard Laura sing the song live – she sang it at the Long Road Festival in 2018 and again at The Islington in May 2019. Clearly you reacted positively enough for her to record it, so why wait, download as that extra valentine’s treat, even if it needs to be for yourself.

It’s a catchy number that will stick in your head - I want to hear this song blasting out in every one of the Levi stores!

Better in Blue Jeans, the new single from Laura Oakes is available to download from 14 February. You can catch Laura on Facebook or live throughout March

Oxford, Friends Meeting House, 6th March

Liverpool, Phase One, 7th March

Leeds, Oporto, 9th March

Glasgow, Poetry Club, 11th March

Birmingham, Cuban Embassy, 12th March

Francesca with Laura Oakes backstage at Millport

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