Friday, February 14, 2020

Single Review - Reminds Me Of You - Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones has never really left the scene, and his new song is a clear reminder to us all that he is still here!  He’s been on a journey or two in the past, and now he is sharing his experiences in songs. 

Reminds Me Of You has a big, powerful opening, brings in that distinctive steel guitar sound, then we get the voice, the story, the imagery.

This song is so achingly country!

It is a song about not being with the one you love – one of the central pillars of country music!  It is instantly relatable to anyone who is forced to be apart – separated by distance, by work, by chasing a dream.  We know in our heart that we have to keep at it – but everything “reminds me of you

Although Andrew is from Oxfordshire, he has a Mid Atlantic/Country singing voice – and it doesn’t sound like he is trying to be Nashville, it sounds real, authentic, and perfect for this emotional song.

You can hear, feel, almost see the emotion, the longing to be back home, probably at the end of a long day, thinking back on everything he has done, and everything he has seen that is a reminder of home, a home he wants to get back to.

Reminds Me Of You is a travelling song, it’s a heartfelt song, and it is a love song in the great tradition of Country Music.

It is a fitting release for Valentine’s day, and a fitting release for Andrew’s first solo venture after previously performing as a part of Acoustic Journey and Journey Home

Reminds Me Of You, the new single from Andrew Jones is available to download and stream from 14 February. You can find out more about Andrew on his website

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