Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Single Review - I Sinned - Stuart Landon

The image on the cover of I Sinned shows a man sat in the confessional but this could be a story told late at night, sat in a bar hunched over a beer. Life hasn’t gone to plan, when you’ve begged and begged for redemption what else can you do, but slightly feel sorry for yourself.

The song starts with Stuart beautifully painting the picture of entrance into heaven, St Peter stood by the closed gates.  It’s a gentle music accompaniment, starting with just the guitar and building to the upbeat sound more associated with Stuart’s live performances.  With a clear beat you actually want to tap along with the chorus but wonder what going to happen next for this guy.  The whole band is there, but the instrumentation sounds as though they don’t want to intrude on Stuart confessing to us, and to himself.  Stuarts vocal is equally gentle as he sings his story.

Despite unintentionally hurting others, it’s a recognition that we often hurt ourselves more and we need our own forgiveness. 

This is a great piece of song writing from Stuart, it tells us nothing and yet everything. Like all country classics it sticks to the truth allowing us to relate.

With its ease of listening and wide appeal it’s a winning start to 2020.  

Silverball Country have to confess – this is our new guilty pleasure.

I Sinned, the new single from Stuart Landon is available for pre-order now and to download from Monday 10 February.

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