Friday, February 7, 2020

Single Review - Cinderella's Had A Drink - Tommy Atkins

Hailing from Newcastle, Tommy Atkins has definitely called on real life experiences for this song – describing the scenes at midnight in any high street of any UK town, it may be a far cry from Nashville but it sure is Nashville style storytelling and a recognisable if throwback Nashville style sound - there is a real 90s vibe to this track, from the opening guitar and fiddle combo. 

We love a Country song with a theme that we can relate to – and in this case we can all relate even if we’d prefer not to admit it!

Although this song is about Cinderella, it sure isn’t a fairy tale – when you lose a show at midnight its because you are drunk, and your glass carriage is actually a cab home!

Cinderella’s Had a Drink is a well-crafted, seemingly traditional country song but with a very modern twist – observational but not judgemental because let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

Tommy himself describes it as

“a love letter to my friends from my early twenties: to the drunken nights, the hellish hangovers and the poor life decisions we made together.  It was inspired by a particular friend of mine who I nicknamed Cinderella, as she would always end the night with one shoe less than she started with. Newcastle knows how to party, and the honkytonks on Nashville’s Broadway reminded me of my hometown: they were full of hard-working people just out to have a good time.”

We all know a Cinderella, we’ve all been Cinderella!  If that evokes memories for you, then the single is available to download now having already made an impact on the UK country chart  

Find Tommy on his website or facebook, on the festival circuit…and picking up shoes at midnight!

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