Friday, March 20, 2020

Single Review - Tip Of My Tongue - Gary Quinn

Gary Quinn writes a lot of his songs about love and romance – and we are never sure how many of them are autobiographical!  What Gary does particularly well is to take the emotions and feelings of relationships and putting them into words.

This is demonstrated in Gary’s latest single Tip Of My Tongue, where he is singing about all of those first feelings – first meeting, first dance, first kiss - are all you can think about. With his usual incredibly clever word craft, using the tip of the tongue represents not just how the memories consume you but how important  the senses are, and your tongue being not just sensory but also trying to put into words how you feel in all this excitement.

Playing live, Gary seems quite happy to be on stage with just a guitar and his stories – and even with a full band, or on a single like this, what you are really hearing is his voice and his words, although there is a great attention grabbing opening note to Tip Of My Tongue.

A fantastic ambassador for UK Country, it is a pleasure to hear new music from one of the hardest working singers, both on and off stage.

These are tricky times in the music and festival world, but we can be sure that Gary Quinn will always be around, making things happen and making great music.

Tip Of My Tongue is available to download and stream now on all digital platforms.  

You can find Gary on facebook, online, and out and about representing UK Country!

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