Thursday, March 26, 2020

Single Review - Another You - Kezia Gill

Another You, the new single from Kezia Gill is quite obviously a collaboration, as the instrumentation and production is quite a departure from her usual style, with much use of effects and the mixing desk, rather than her usual acoustic guitar and traditional sounds.

After quite a poppy, jangly opening Kezia’s voice comes in, and when Kezia sings you listen because you know she has something to say.  The song is a declaration of love, and this time it is for real, it is forever.  This is not some sickly love song though, this is powerful, raw and emotional through the vocal.  It is a shouted declaration she wants him to hear it and know it, she wants the world to hear it and know it

The feeling is mutual – he only has eyes for her, he is making her feel loved

The song is sung in such a way that it needs to be played loud – or at least the vocal part.  Kezia has such a voice that the backing instruments are almost superfluous, although the rocking guitar break does strike the right note and the inclusion of just a kick drum may have helped to drive the track

We are lucky as DJs that we have the kit to play this song loud, for everyone else when Kezia plays this loud and proud with her band at a gig or festival, we are all in for a treat!

Another You, the new single from Kezia Gill, will be available to download and stream from 17 April 2020

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