Monday, September 23, 2019

Artist Profile - When Rik Met Megan Louise

Normally when you write about a new artiste you talk about them “going places” – well, with Megan Louise, its more a case of she has been places, specifically Millport Festival, The Long Road, and the British Country Music Festival in Blackpool where I met her for the first time.  Megan’s is a name I had heard, but I hadn’t had a chance to see her perform, so I took the opportunity to sit and have a chat ahead of her set at the British Country Music Festival on Day two in the Arena.

Aged only just 17, Megan is playing festivals before she can even drive (she has now passed her test) and long before she can even have a drink at the bar – she even missed seeing one of her favourite UK artistes in Blackpool (Laura Oakes) because of school!

It feels a bit strange to ask a younger singer when they started in music – but the answer was fairly surprising.  Not only did Megan start song writing at the age of 9, but the first song she ever wrote was the song she opened her set with.  Gigging followed at the age of 11, which goes some way to explain why Megan was so well received at all the festivals that she has played, with Blackpool being no different.

So how did 9 year old Megan Louise come to music?  Megan laughed when she replied

I tried loads of hobbies when I was younger.  I tried swimming but I had a popped eardrum, I tried gymnastics but I’m not very flexible I can’t touch my toes, so my Mum and Dad tried musical theatre – and I fell in love with performance and singing

When Megan then decided she wanted to learn guitar her parents were slightly reticent – and an eyeroll from Mum in the background certainly confirmed that!  Fortunately, it didn’t go the way of ballet “you get all the gear and give it up in a few days”.  Having only had 6 lessons (Megan doesn’t do structured learning!) it seems that playing guitar is another thing that comes easily to Megan.

Megan’s parents are clearly supportive – but not pushy – and you can see the pride they have in their daughter’s achievements, and they have been behind her through the rough and the smooth parts of her story so far.

Why Country music?

Me and Country, our paths have crossed a lot.  I don’t have the typical “I grew up with Country” but my vocal coaches told me I had a natural country voice, which I ignored  until it completely overwhelmed me with how many people told me that, and when I started to listen to Country Music and I just absolutely fell in love

Country music isn’t popular among younger listeners, and being a fan of country music isn’t popular, but for Megan

I just felt like I had fifty best mates on my phone

So who is Megan’s favourite Country Artiste?

John Paul White. If John Paul White’s voice was a 17 year old boy I’d marry him tomorrow

A very cool and rather unique way of describing a voice!

And on the UK scene?

Ward Thomas or the Shires

And who would you have to see on the line up of Blackpool?

Definitely Laura Oakes or Gary Quinn

Despite being only 17, I am sure that it won’t be very long at all before people are saying that Megan Louise is their must see artiste at any festival she plays. 

Oh, and that song she wrote when she was 9?  It is very good! 

Look out for  Megan, she is definitely one of our 
Class of 2019 “Ones to Watch”

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