Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Music Review - The Pearsall Brothers

Our email inbox at Silverball Country gets filled up with new releases from artistes, PRs and studios, so sometimes we might not quite get to a song quickly – and so I must thank Richard Pearsall for his patience, sending us not one but two tracks, and politely waiting for us to get the chance to listen.

I’m so glad that he did.

Two tracks to listen to  from the Pearsall Brothers – different but similar…

First one sent to us was When the Lightning Hits You.  The first word I wrote in my notes was “loud”! The guitar hits you, the drums hit you, then the vocal hits you, pushing above the instruments.  The whole performance is very much in the Country/Rock style of the 70s and is quite a welcome inclusion in my playlist!  “I felt the lightning hit me when she reached out to kiss me” – the song hits you like that first kiss does!

Second on the list is Carolina Lady.  A slower song, but again quite a traditional sound. While other artistes are changing what country music means it is refreshing to go back to a very recognisable style with a recognisable theme.  To think this old fashioned would be unfair, but think back to the big songs of the big bands - Eagles et al - and you won’t be far off. A song of a small town, a sweet young lady dreaming of an old love that has gone…

It would be fair to say that these recordings aren’t polished and perfect, but they are great to listen to, and if I ever find myself in North Carolina I want to find the roadhouse these brothers are playing at, nurse a longneck and just sit and listen to their music, to their stories and dream of an old love, a first kiss, and a world where Cowboys ride…

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