Monday, June 3, 2019

Gig Review - Maren Morris "Girl The World" Tour - Royal Albert Hall

Friday night saw the first of three road trips, the first of three days of music – and the last night of Maren’s tour after the release of her second album “Girl”

Opening for Maren Morris was Rae Lynn. Hailing from Texas, and a former contestant on the US Voice, Rae can be described as “proper country”. Her songs are about life in a small town, and you can easily picture her in that town, you can see that town, and to be fair you can imagine her being known to everyone in that small town – she is a rebel through and through in true Country style – she even sings a song about her “Racing Red Ford 150 truck”.  Man, if that tailgate could tell tales…. Rae Lynn is the pretender to..., no, the rightful heir to the throne that Kacey Musgraves has chosen to vacate.

To the strains of her single “Girl” Maren Morris appeared via a lift and trapdoor at the top of a set of stairs, and so the final night began.  Most of the set was to be from the second album, but favourites from Hero were promised and warmly received. It seemed like Maren and her whole band wanted to have a party. A cello for “”I could use a love song”, Niall Horan on stage for a duet, a whole string quartet because she could and a set that was reminiscent of a retro disco with dry ice, bubbles, strobe lights and even mirror balls! Let’s face it, she’s an 90s baby (in her 80’s Mercedes)!  Rae Lynn returned to the stage, cheekily using Marens’s lift and trapdoor.  Told you she was a rebel!  The two clearly enjoy performing together!

In an era where there is constant debate about what is and isn’t “Country”, Maren Morris doesn’t just walk the line between Country and Pop Country – she stomps all over it in her sequinned boots. Maren does what Maren does – and we love hearing it as much as she loves doing it.

The set ended with two of Maren’s biggest tracks - Cash (which involved the whole of the RAH singing along and shouting out a mildly rude word) and then My Church, before returning for an encore and a promise that as long as we keep coming, she’ll keep touring

We will Maren.  We will.

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