Friday, June 7, 2019

Single Review - On The Road - Donna Marie

“There is something warm and soothing in her voice that I need as my passenger.”

Rik has had the pleasure of meeting Donna Marie a couple of times, both at Buckle and Boots in 2017 and twice at her performances in the theatre show “A Country Night In Nashville”.  When Donna Marie performs some of Country’s biggest hits her voice and interpretation are spot on, her guitar and keyboard playing to back the rest of the show are superb.  

Because of this connection with Donna Marie, we thought it best for Francesca to review this song with a totally fresh pair of ears.  Her reaction?

“It's beautiful!

I love the big band sound, but the heavy drums don't drown out Donna Marie's voice.   

I started playing this song out loud and colleagues instantly recognised it as Country, yes it is but because it's three chords and the truth, anyone who has spent any time travelling by car will relate to this; isn't it a better drive when the roads are peaceful and we all look forward to that end destination.

Just me and the radio, it's that time you can claim for self reflection, it isn't lonely.  The lyrics truly reflect the journey we have all undertaken at some point. 

For me the song is over far too quickly, I want Donna Marie to stay with me on my journey even though I will probably phase out of the music to undertake that reflection but there is something warm and soothing in her voice that I need as my passenger.”

Donna Marie has written, recorded and produced this song herself in her home studio and says of it:

“Being a musician on the road means travelling far and wide for long periods of time. Late nights driving home with nothing but dark roads ahead but I get to do what I love”

Whether a metaphorical journey, or a real one, this song will speak to you, and for those - particularly in the entertainment industry- who spend many hours on the road it will really resonate

Whatever your personal journey, this song and Donna Marie’s voice will surely help you through it – with a final destination of a promised and much anticipated debut album

Donna Marie’s new single “On The Road” is released on 5 July. Get the song here and follow Donna Marie on

or just follow her “On The Road”…

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