Monday, May 20, 2019

Single Review - Gonna Be You - American Young

It’s the love story we all want to live

American Young have firmly established themselves as favourites on the UK Country festival scene, not only do they draw big crowds for their sets, but you also see their distinctive caps at almost every concert in town!

We were sent their new single ahead of their headline appearance at this week’s Buckle and Boots Festival, and we’ve managed to keep from listening to it until now!  So, as part of our own personal build up to the festival, we are listening to “Gonna Be You

The new single is a true country song in chapters, a repeated message with small changes - It’s the love story we all want to live. Boy meets girl, girl leaves town, but they both knew all along its Gonna Be You

The song has a soft opening with Kristy, the vocals then taken over by Jon with gentle instrumentation behind the vocals., building as we head into the chorus. Jon and Kristy then swap and combine vocals in the style used by Lady Antebellum, punctuating and emphasising the emotion with the rising beat and power of the instruments

Telling the story of young love that doesn’t quite work, but no matter the distance this pair are thinking about each other, missing each other and realising that they can’t love anyone else, that they have to be together one day, and forever. The song really carries us along with them, the rhythm, the drums forming the heartbeat of the story and of their relationship.

I think ‘Gonna Be You’ is a promise,” Jon says, “almost like, ‘I’m out here chasing my meaning in life, and there’s no one I’m ready to be with; but when I am, it’s gonna be you.’”

For Kristy the song serves as a compass. “Life takes us down so many winding roads in pursuit of our dreams,” she observes. “The farther away from home we get, the closer to home we are. Home is where my love is.”

Of the two love stories I have heard and reviewed this week, this one is my favourite.

If you are heading to any festivals this year, and are choosing which bands to see, surely it is Gonna Be American Young. Rik may find himself buying a new cap too…

Gonna Be You is the new single from American Young . Kristy and Jon will be headlining the main stage at Buckle and Boots on Saturday night (25 May) from 10:30pm and will return to the UK for Millport Festival on Sunday 1 September

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