Thursday, May 30, 2019

Artiste Profile - Francesca and Rik had a chat with American Young

Jon and Kristy come at music from to different angles but it is clear that they both have a passion for music and enjoy what they do. Kristy Osmunson was the founder and fiddle player for (the now defunct) Bomshel, while Jon Stone has had success as both a solo artist and a Nashville songwriter/producer who's engineered hits for such names as Lee Brice and Rascal Flatts.

They each write their own music and work through hundreds of songs to find that one that people want to listen to again and again.  Despite previous hits, both strongly agree that there isn't a winning formula for why they work together or what makes a hit.

In fact, when asked Kristy said “Out of 100 songs probably 20 make it.  A song has to make people want to listen to it again and again” and Jon added “There’s a lot of songs, everyone is different for different reasons. You can hear a song that’s so heavy, oh my god its so emotional but I don’t wanna hear it again”.

The fiddle sets Kristy apart from the rest of the artistes that we usually meet who reach for their guitars, she is a professionally trained violinist, however she blends it perfectly into their music and that around her as heard during In the Round at the Buckle and Boots festival. 

Their style works together, we hear great harmonies and see coordination both on and off the stage. Jon comes across as the more serious one whilst Kristy hosts a persistent smile and is animated in her conversations, there is no contradiction and they listen as the other talks.  This isn't a duo with a romantic connection, but one based on the love of music.  When asked why they work, Kristy replied with “we are opposites, he makes me laugh a lot.” So, does it take opposites to make a song writing duo?  Sorry guys, Jon says “There’s no formula, no template.”

Kristy as a new mum would love for her son to go into the business but as Jon points out it can be brutal, there are better singers that just don't make it. However, they are not likely to stop anytime soon as Kristy explained – “We play music because we entertain each other on stage, we put on shows that we would want to see.” 

Whilst they are humbled to hear the crowd sing along John describes it as “so weird, I’ve never made music for anyone else but myself”.

Having already achieved international success this is a winning duo and we can all look forward to new music, more tours and the increased presence of their logo be that with their apparel or following in the duo’s style a tattoo of the logo.

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