Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Song Review - Save It For Another Day - Helen Mace

Helena Mace is a new artiste to us, although her Bio reflects how hard she works, performing all over the country at a variety of events and venues. This is particularly relevant to her latest, self-penned song Save It For Another Day, a tale of a former singer, reflecting on his past career, reflecting perhaps on his own hard work travelling around and performing

The song opens with just a strumming guitar which conjures that image of a singer-songwriter, perhaps the subject of the song, the addition of a harmonica throughout the  song, adds a real emotive, melancholic undertone to Helena’s singing, and the words telling the story. 

The pace of the song along with the plaintive tone of Helena’s voice really help to paint the picture of a man who used to be famous, used to be a big deal but is now alone, with just faded memories of past glory for company
The style is quite English Folk, putting me in mind of Kate Rusby with both the soaring vocal and the storytelling style

Helena took this song to a well-deserved top 3 in the iTunes chart on its release – and its definitely worth having a search through iTunes for her other work

Helena can be found on Facebook, online, and storytelling all over the country....

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