Friday, April 12, 2019

Song Review - "Drug In My Head - Binky

In complete contrast to her last single 'Don't Let Go'  Binky brings us a more up beat song about a relationship. 

There are hints of country, particularly in Binky's voice and the  "Waaah Oh" and like many a country love songs she references June and Johnny (Cash); however there is a strong pop influence. 

The song is easy for most girls to relate to and I can see myself singing along "Drowning in your crazy, drugs in my head" towards the end of a night out as it is an infectious, catchy tune. 

Guitar introduction, followed by an interesting opening line "Still got your taste on my lips, boy" in Binky's unique sound; a minute in, the song steps up the pop factor a gear and this is where I envisage the dance floor jumping starts. 

In Binky's own words

" I really wanted to create a girl’s sing along. I mean what girl can’t relate to that one teenage relationship that we all have, which we think is going to last forever?

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