Sunday, March 10, 2019

Song Review - "Already Written" Jess and The Bandits

The song “Already Written” has a message of hope, that with patience all will work itself out encouraging you to look to a better future, and this has subsequently mirrored  in Jess’s own personal life with a marriage and baby since the song was written

In Jess’s own words

I actually wrote this song 4 months before I met my husband. If you asked me in that writing session if I thought I’d ever meet someone and be married a little over a year later, I would have put money down that I wouldn’t. It’s funny how quick life can change. Also proof that our stories are already written, we just have to be patient! That’s the hard part! But usually things exceed your expectations!”

The band’s line up has also gone through changes, with a new set of bandits bringing a new energy and chemistry to recording and lives shows

“It was exactly what needed to happen to allow JATB to be the band that it needs to be and the room to grow the way it should.”

A very simply performed song with Jess’s simple but beautiful, gentle tones, accompanied by three guitars blending as if one, and the bandit’s voices blending in subtle harmonies, and an almost there, but “just enough there” snare drum underlining the melody.

Where to listen – on the windowsill watching the rain with a warming mug in your hand. 
When to listen – when you feel you need some reassurance

Jess and The Bandits can be found on Facebook, Twitter, at home with the new baby and looking to the future.

Francesca wrote this review - she is a fan of Jess, and Jess is a fan of Francesca!

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