Thursday, March 7, 2019

Song Review - "Don't Let Go" - Binky

Musically, this song opens with slow piano, the voice comes over the top with that wonderful country warble to it and the guitar solo works so well, a true guitar break, with drums taking us upwards back to the vocal

Emotionally, I had no idea what to expect from this single, but the moment the vocal started I not only fell in love with the voice, but I suddenly, on a busy day, felt relaxation just wash over me.

In this song Binky is telling her partner that their love keeps her going, is what she needs and doesn’t want to lose

It’s a slightly different style of country love song as it is actually about a current love – and through the words, through the emotion, you can really feel and almost see how much she is in love, and so happy with the love. It’s the love we all want, comforting, supportive, protective.

It’s the love that you Don’t Let Go.

Best listened to at the end of a day when you want to relax, best performed in a small, smoky club to an appreciative audience, who will all snuggle a little closer to their partner. As a DJ, I can see this as a wedding first dance, it has all the emotion and feeling that a first dance demands.

This is the song, that when performed as part of a set will make you stop and really listen – and you’ll be so glad that you did

Don’t Let Go is available to download now, and the video is available on youtube 

Find Binky on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on a beach singing about how great love is!

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