Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Single Review - Your Turn - Jess Thristan

Your Turn is the latest single from Jess Thristan, and the second single release from her inside a month! It is clear that jess is gaining a great deal of support in the UK industry, having been championed by Baylen Leonard on his radio show, and having had the opportunity to write and perform alongside some of the better-known names on the UK country scene.

We reviewed her last single here and noted how the instrumentation was used to underscore the emotion in the song – with this new release the focus is more directed at Jess’ plaintive vocals with the backing this time very light and soaring, quite fitting for what is a more melancholic and plaintive track, utilising pedal steel and a very acoustic feel

With an increasing swing across all genres towards genuine singer songwriters, it certainly seems that Jess has the potential to really make a mark on the UK country scene, and we will look out for her performing live to really be able to appreciate her song writing and performance

The new single from Jess Thristan - Your Turn - is available now.  
Jess can be found on all the usual platforms - Facebook Twitter and Instagram

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