Sunday, July 14, 2019

Single Review - Don't Let Me Take You Home - Jess and The Bandits

This ballad opens with a gentle 12 second piano solo which is then matched by, and uses, the softness of Jess' voice to set the scene, the all too familiar one where you’re just getting over an ex, getting yourself out there bit by bit - and then run into them. Recovering is a slow process – and that is reflected in the pace of the song’s opening. 

In comes the guitar, building the tension, the pseudo drama of that first meeting…

Jess' voice is most powerful as she sings about needing to be the strong one, and falls as she recognises it isn't her, using the quality of her voice and varying the tempo of the song to take us along on the emotional ride

Don't Let Me Take You Home builds to a powerful, up tempo ending, fully supported by the Bandits, giving that driving instrumentation so key to the emotion.

This song unites country fans - its setting could be anywhere, but it is a take on loss, three chords and the truth that we all love. Jess sings with brutal honesty of wanting to be strong, but knowing that she simply can’t be, and she is imploring her ex to have that strength for them both because she is close to giving in…

Jess says of this song

“This has always been one of my favourite songs I’ve written. It’s been completely finished for quite some time but we’ve never had the opportunity to put it on any of the albums. For me, this song encompasses so much that I love about country music. I’m excited to release ‘Don’t Let Me Take You Home’ as a single so it can have the life it deserves.“

Buy her a drink, but not two. Take just the single home when it drops on July 19th

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