Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Single Review - Speed Of Anything - Two Ways Home

Rik has met Isabella and Lewis of Two Ways Home on a few occasions, and seeing them is like bumping in to old friends.  Appropriately then, their new song is about old friends and developing a relationship.  Listening to the song is quite like listening to an interview with the pair, as they both contribute in turn, adding detail, joining their experiences, much as they do when singing Speed Of Anything

I last saw Two Ways Home on stage at Country In The Afternoon where they performed with a full band, prior to that as a duo at Nashville Meets London, and prior to that as an acoustic pair at a songwriters round. Having seen them in different formats, I asked whether they had a preference. Isi replied
It’s cool to have the opportunity to do different things
Lewis added
When you play with the full band you try to roll from one song to the next, smoothly, but in a songwriters round it needs to be personable and you get to talk between songs…its great to be able to do both of them
Lewis and Isi support the #ImHere campaign

Although Isabella is from Austria and Lewis from the West Midlands, they met in London when Isabella needed a guitarist for her covers band. From there they developed their sound, leaning towards Country, visited America and soaked up the influences.  For Isi, music was always a part of her family life, with a Grandmother who was a singer her family would always be singing. Lewis’s father was a singer and guitarist, and “subtly” left a guitar laying around for a 5 year old Lewis to pick up, and by the time he hit his teens, Lewis wanted to learn to play it properly and take music seriously. When you hear Lewis let rip on guitar you can understand that this was clearly a good process!

Isi believes that they work well as songwriters because
It makes better songs when you are writing with someone you trust
Lewis agreed, saying that as a pair they can be brutally honest with each other – and apparently for Isi, not just when writing!

The new song Speed Of Anything seems to reflect them very well. Telling the story of a couple of
kids living down the street...just waiting to meet
the song starts as it means to go on.  Isi and Lewis combine to tell the story from both sides, swapping vocals just like an old married couple, and combines a pop opening with heavier instrumentation taking us through the tale.

Where were going, where we’ve been – once again, the song seems to reflect a chat with two Ways Home, and it will be great to see where they go…

The new single from Two Ways Home Speed Of Anything is available from 30 August

See the duo live on their Caffe Nero coffee shop tour in August and September plus extra live dates through October and November – or just bump into them, like old friends….

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