Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Single Review - Bristol Boy - Molly-Anne

Bristol Boy is the latest single from British artist Molly-Anne.  Written by Molly-Anne Chinner and produced by Andy Guy at Doghouse Studio, the song is a nostalgic nod to the sound of the noughties with elements of Pop-Punk, Americana, Rock Country and Blues threaded throughout.

The song reminisces about the past and, as the title suggests, about a Bristol boy and a summer love story. A vivid picture is created as we hear about the drinking, the tripping on magic mushrooms and we are taken on an aural tour of Bristol. I picture a girl spinning around, arms outstretched as she sings.

It’s upbeat right from the start and the music flows with Molly-Ann’s voice beautifully. An added male voice features with the song.  

The beautiful guitar solo is over far too quickly, maybe reflective of the relationship and indeed the song ends rather abruptly, as did this brief summer relationship!

My head is spinning trying the figure out where to place the song, it’s not country in my book, with more of a folksy feel, but you will almost certainly find yourself singing along with the chorus.

Bristol Boy, The new single from Molly Anne is available to download from all platforms on 23 August, pre-orders from 13 August.

Molly Anne can be found on Facebook, online and running across Clifton Bridge…

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