Thursday, September 17, 2020

Single review - Front Porch - Emily Lockett


It is more usual to see and hear Staffordshire’s  Emily Lockett performing with just her and her guitar, but with her new single Front Porch we have a fuller, more produced sound – although still with her distinctive voice.

Emily often points out that her songs are written from imagination rather than actual experience as she hasn’t yet been through all the troubles that are the staples of Country Music – and on this occasion the topic is breakups, where both sides should have fought harder to save the relationship.  They should be on the Front Porch pleading and explaining.

Despite her lack of experiences Emily always succeeds in creating the image of the story she is telling as she is a talented song writer, and with her young age she has time and talent to simply keep improving.

Despite being mostly recorded and produced in lockdown with Tim Prottey- Jones and Honey Ryder’s Matt Bishop Front Porch has a very polished sound, adding to Emily’s usual simple style with drums, electric guitar and additional vocal

The song repeatedly asks “why weren’t you standing on my front porch” but with a twist it ends with “I should be standing right on your front porch” highlighting that you need to people to make a relationship work.

Currently studying at Manchester’s BIMM, Front Porch shows that Emily is still developing her style as a musician, not afraid to push on and try new things while still holding true to her traditional song-writing style and confident delivery – as she demonstrated just about a year ago at the British Country Music Festival where she not only performed one of the first sets but also on the outdoor stage for the people of Blackpool. 

Front Porch - the new single from Emily Lockett is available to stream and download from today

Find and follow Emily on Facebook, her website, Spotify - and on the front porch!

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