Monday, July 27, 2020

Single Review - Now Or Never - Jessica Lynn

It has not been a great summer for anyone with Lockdown and very unseasonal weather, and that is also true for Jessica Lynn and her band who have had to postpone not only their European Tour but now also their American dates.  

Rather than let this get them down, the whole team have been back in the studio recording new material and taking advantage of the extra time to record a full album which should be out later this year.

The latest single from this work is Now Or Never.  The song launches straight into an instrumental melody with the whole band getting involved before we get to Jess singing over a drumbeat and some of husband Steve’s guitar magic.  The whole song has a bit of an 80s vibe to it, storytelling with some real theatre to it!

The bouncy feel of the song reflects the feel of the first love that the whole song is about – looking back it always seems to be associated with sunshine and long days, the subject of a million 80s movies!  It makes you think of leaning on your crushes car in high school parking lot chatting about summer plans!

The track is upbeat and feelgood – which we all need right now.  It is hard to pin Jessica Lynn down to one genre, she likes to push at the edges of Country/Rock/pop – but if this song veers towards pop it is well written, well crafted pop and you can picture Jessica bouncing around on stage with her trademark wonderful hair. 

Now Or Never, the new single from Jessica Lynn is available now to download and stream from all major platfoms

You can find and follow Jessica on facebook, her website and on spotify - or falling in love in the sunshine

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