Thursday, April 2, 2020

Single Review - Devil You Know - Megan O'Neill

With her new single Devil You Know from her forthcoming album Megan has addressed the popular topic of relationships. – Unlike many country songs this isn’t about the sliver lining, loss or remorse but a reflection on reality, but it is probably more honest than many would care to admit.

A slow, melancholy start with a wailing guitar as our storyteller reviews her relationship, looking at the way they fight, with the tempo reflecting the slow plod of a familiar but pointless relationship. It’s a heavy load to carry; you can feel the weight in the song.

As she starts to look at other men, starts to wonder “if they could do a better job than you” the tempo lifts to reflect a hope, a possibility!

The honesty comes in when Megan sings that even a new relationship will still end up the same, it just a matter of time before the cracks will emerge.  

The song asks questions but gives no answers 

What happens to relationships?

Would it really be different with someone else? 

Would it be better?

The great slide guitar riff halfway through really punctuates the statement its better the Devil You Know.

Repeating the chorus. She reflects some more

Sadly, like too many people she’s not prepared to risk it. History will only repeat itself, so it is better to stick with what you have - stay with the Devil You Know!

In a bizarre way, it is a declaration of love to the man she has. 

This is a great example of a modern country pop song. Well written, well-paced and well performed

Devil You Know, the new single from Megan O'Neill is available now to download and stream

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