Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Single Review - Whiskey Drinkin' Woman - Kezia Gill

If you’ve heard Kezia’s fabulous EP “Dead Ends and Detours” you will have heard the little teaser track for Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman…and now the single is about to be unleashed in full.

Very much putting Kezia’s voice front and centre, Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman is – unsurprisingly – strong, loud, in your face and powerful! 

With hints of UK folk singers KT Tunstall and Sandi Thom, this track really shows off the power and strength of Kezia’s voice.

A song about power, a song about a woman who knows what she wants, what she deserves - and she is going to get it!

The instrumentation behind the vocal is also superb – with a foot-stomping beat and the incredible slide guitar of another powerful woman – Sarah Jory. The guitar, the beat, the voice all combine to create what will no doubt become a festival anthem

The combination of Kezia and Sarah couldn’t have been any more appropriate for the emotion behind this song, and their pairing is an absolute thrill if you have ever seen either of them play live – with now the hope that they may combine for at least one of the festivals this year.

Dead Ends and Detours was always going to be a hard act to follow – but Kezia has, if anything, moved up a notch!

Pour yourself a strong one - and one for this Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman – and enjoy this great new song from the Female Artist of the Year Kezia Gill.

Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman, the new song from Kezia Gill featuring Sarah Jory is released on 24 January on all major platforms. 

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  1. Star!!!
    what a great opening artist for Keith Urban when you come to UK, if your reading this Keith............

  2. Hell Yeah thats my comment above.....