Thursday, January 9, 2020

Single Review - Coulda Been You - Backwoods Creek

The musical ability of Backwoods Creek is highlighted from the start of this track with an almost staccato guitar intro accompanied by the drums; it’s 17 seconds before the vocals begin and lets us know that despite the good old fashioned country favourite of lost love, this guy is doing just fine. 

Not only has he moved on, but in fact, he points out all the things the girl is missing out on because she didn’t care enough.  Lovely smooth singing from Jamie with beautiful guitar notes emphasising points in the lyrics.  Your ears are in for a treat when Jamie holds the note on “you………….”.

Back into instrumental, I like the clever little studio tricks to add in the ‘Should have seen her face’ and later in the song the spoken, more grown up comment.
Back to the vocal, he sees her in the arms of another man and reflects in the music, then realises he never cared for her. 
Backwoods Creek at Nashville Nights New Year's Eve

Despite the content it’s an upbeat track, you are waiting for the twist in the lyrics but it never comes, instead you are treated to Jamie holding the higher notes and the final guitar riff which feels like punctuation, ending the song and the story.

Don’t you regret anything and go out and get the single when it’s released at the end of the month ….

Coulda Been You, the new single from Backwoods Creek is available for preorder now ahead of the release date of 31 January

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