Friday, December 6, 2019

Single Review - Wildfire - Lauren Jane

Liverpool based artiste Lauren Jane has released her latest single Wildfire. Much of Lauren’s work is based on real life – as good Country and Country influenced music should be!  Wildfire tells the tale of a relationship that has burned brightly but now burned out, but rather than sounding bitter, Lauren sings this as someone who is accepting the reality and is moving on.  Lauren possesses a beautiful voice with a bit of fight in there!

The song itself has a gentle introduction with the guitar plucking and then a stunning voice creates a very visual picture. Drums increase the intensity and you can hear the fight reflected in Lauren's voice.

This is a beautifully produced song, the instrumentation and effects serve to highlight Lauren’s voice, the tempo accentuates the emotion and the words certainly tell us the reality of the story

Just like wildfire spreads, this song grows on you and you can't help but tap along to the beat. 

Wildfire, the new single from Lauren Jane is available now to download from here and you can find Lauren on social media or her own website

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