Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Single Review - That Girl - Emily Lockett

After a busy summer appearing on a range of line ups and wowing the crowds both inside and outside the inaugural British Country Music Festival Singer Songwriter Emily Lockett is back with a new single That Girl.

As a female performer of Pop Country, the comparisons with Taylor Swift are almost inevitable, but although there is a mid-Atlantic twang underlying Emily’s voice, she is no tribute act, although the inspiration is obviously there.

This comparison can lead us neatly into the message behind the song.   This is a coming of age song, Emily is stating what kind of girl she wants to be – and she wants to be herself. The message is delivered in a very confident way, the track has a very positive feel from the instrumental opening, reflected in the words and the delivery.  Emily is telling herself how she wants to be, essentially singing to herself in her reflection, reminding herself that

life is short and I don’t want to waste it

Considering her age, at a point in her life with her musical career growing, and moving on this song could probably not be timed better in a personal sense, and after such a high profile summer also well timed professionally

With pep talks and songs like this, it won’t be long before we are all hearing Emily when we are  “listening to the radio too loud”

That Girl, the new single from Emily Lockett is available to preorder now and download/stream from all major platforms on 13 December

Find Emily on facebook, online and in front of a mirror, reminding herself...

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