Friday, August 13, 2021

Single Review - Not Your Woman Reimagined - Jessica Lynn


Jessica Lynn is famed for her high energy shows, her family band and now her massively popular livestreams, but in her new single, a reimagining of Not Your Woman she shows just how pure her vocals are.  Originally an uptempo song in her usual style, Not Your Woman was requested as an acoustic during one of Jessica’s piano-based livestreams, so she performed it and then recorded it in this very intimate style featuring just her voice and the piano.  Jessica even referred to the original livestream to ensure she captured the same style and emotion as when she first sang it.

Re-recording this song as a ballad gave Jessica the idea to go through her songs one by one and create a whole EP of reimagined songs which will be released in September.

Whilst the acoustic rendering isn’t quite Country, it is a great opportunity for Jessica to not only test herself but to display her range both vocally and as an instrumentalist (as well as piano she also plays guitar and, at times in her show, drums too!)

Although lockdown was tough and caused Jessica to postpone her European and UK tour, it is clear that she kept busy the whole time, recording music, broadcasting her top-rated weekly livestream – and caring for Audrey the wonder dog.  This latest project is more testament to that work ethic and will be an absolute treat for fans and new listeners alike.


In her own words, Jessica described the song and the project:

I have never released anything before where I was the only instrumentalist on the track, but I am very excited to share with everyone such an intimate and honest version of myself with this new music.


Jessica Lynn’s new single Not Your Woman Reimagined from the forthcoming ep is available to download and stream now from all major platforms

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