Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Single Review - Stuck Behind a Tractor - Tommy Atkins

We love a decent Country reference and a bit of imagery – and the new track Stuck Behind A Tractor from Tommy Atkins gives us both in the title alone! 

We nominated Tommy in the Best Song category in last year’s Silverball Country Awards for “Cinderella’s Had A Drink”, and whilst it wasn’t the winner, it showed how far Tommy has come whilst still possibly being under the radar of a lot of UK Country fans and festivals.

Tommy’s voice and style seem to have matured a little since his previous, more up tempo/poppy releases, which is appropriate with the song being a coming-of-age type, reflective release. 

As Tommy himself puts it

Out where we live, we get stuck behind tractors all the time, and I thought that was the perfect metaphor for where I’m at right now. Between the Covid lockdowns, turning 30 and moving out to the country, I’ve learned to slow down and not lose my shit when things aren’t happening as quickly as I’d like.

Undeniably Country, with a twangy guitar in the intro and the instrumentation you would expect from a Country song, Tommy again shows his skill at writing a Country song with a very UK slant to it – although getting Stuck Behind a Tractor is probably a worldwide hazard!

The song and imagery is about turning thirty, and life under Covid, two things that have possibly encouraged a lot of people to stop and take stock of themselves and their life.  Tommy includes some wise words in the song

Take a breath, destress learn to take it slow

Which is good advice for us all!

Our advice – if you haven’t heard Tommy’s music yet, take a breath and check out both his new single and his back catalogue of work.

Stuck Behind a Tractor, the new single from Tommy Atkins is available to download and stream from 6 May

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