Friday, March 12, 2021

Single Review - Do You Wanna Go Out - Emily Lockett


The Country Music world is filled with female singer songwriters, sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart.  Emily Lockett is different.  She has no gimmick, no "image" (unless you count a wardrobe apparently full of Superdry) but a compelling stage presence and a fabulous voice.

Normally on stage with just her guitar, her youthfulness doesn’t affect her ability to hold a crowd’s attention – whether it was on the smaller bar stage at the British Country Music festival as one of the first acts or on the outdoor stage at the same event where she managed to captivate and hold the passing public heading back from the beach.

With her new single Do You Wanna Go Out, Emily has changed one aspect of her performance – she has added a full band.  Part of her recently released EP Paint It Red (mailed out as physical CDs by her hardworking pa/dad)

Starting with the sound of a crowd (remember them?) and a giggle, the electric guitar and drums with interspersed keys give a fuller, rockier sound to the music and perhaps adds a little rock edge to Emily’s recognisable vocal.

Its an up-tempo track, with a summery pop feel helping to make us dream about the better weather to come.  The theme of the song is a one night, no strings hook up – meet in a bar and just go out for fun. The lyrics also show a maturing of Emily’s already accomplished song writing:

“I couldn’t care less what tomorrow brings, it was never meant to end with a diamond ring”

Promising us a summer, promising us the days when we can go out, meet strangers and “turn the music up loud”, it is a feelgood song, bucking against the constraints of a wintry lockdown.  In the great tradition of album titles, the title for the EP comes from a line within the song

“If you go out, with me right now, we could paint the town red

For this EP Emily has been working with Matt Bishop of Honey Ryder and Tim Prottey-Jones, she has also been booked to open for such acts as Robert Vincent and Jessica Lynn, curtailed of course by the dreaded lockdown.

As with other artists, Emily has made use of the enforced down time to work on her music with this ep being honed and refined.

It was time well spent.

Do You Wanna Go Out, the new single from Emily Lockett is available to download and stream now on all major platforms

You can find and follow Emily on Facebook, Instagram, her website and stream all of her music on Spotify

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