Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Single Review - Getaway Car - Jessica Lynn


Whether seeing Jessica Lynn and her band live or listening to them on a new release, you can be sure that there will be energy in the music – and the latest single Getaway Car is no exception.

Husband and lead guitarist Steve opens the track with a repeating guitar riff accompanied by handclaps, setting the tempo and tone for what is to come. In come the vocals, interspersing with the music until Jessica starts the lyrics, neatly accompanied by backing vocals. 

A different style for Jessica, a bit more “hip”, less powerful in places but it lets her tell the story, and there is lot of story squeezed in there! We can hear the country twang in her voice as she sings, and you can hear Jessica’s smile when she is singing – smiling at the thought of this guy who “stole her heart in a getaway car” and also smiling at the joy of performing.

On stage, the whole band have a bouncy style of performing, and that is evident in this track, as the combined instruments, guitars, steel and drums  take us along with the song.  A wonderful solo guitar break takes us into a quieter interlude, almost a pause for breath before the jump back to the faster tempo

The “na na “ chorus will have you wanting to wave your hands in the air as you can almost picture the getaway car driving down a country road, windows down, “radio turned up to 10” dreaming of summer escapes


Getaway Car will leave you feeling kind of reckless, and certainly leave you smiling!

Getaway Car, the new single from Jessica Lynn is available to stream and download from Friday 29 January

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