Monday, October 5, 2020

Single Review - Love Me That Way - Jessica Lynn


Jessica Lynn and her band should have toured the UK this year – but is has been a year of “should haves”.  Not one to let the small matter of a global pandemic get her down, Jessica has channelled her boundless energies into livestreams and also writing and releasing music with the aim of an album release before hitting the UK and Europe next year.

Jessica has a new single out as a result of all this hard work, and whilst she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of genres the opening instrumentals – guitar and steel – announce Love Me That Way as a country song.  When Jessica starts singing there is no doubt that it is a country song! There is the addition of piano to punctate lines with an emotional quality. The pace of this song is driven by the drums taking us into the repeated toe tapping chorus, with the actual tempo varying throughout, taking us up and down with the emotions of the song.

The song is about fire and passion – and keeping that passion thorough all stages of a relationship – whether good times or bad, whatever is happening “love me that way”. Forget self-pity, this girl wants to set things on fire! They might not know what they are doing, but cant stop the forward motion, they are riding the runaway train.

Ironically the song about passion and keeping everything strong was written while squashed in the front seat of a rental car on a radio tour – and finished in the car park of a home depot.  If anything demonstrates that love and passion can be found anywhere, this is it!

Love Me That Way, the new song from Jessica Lynn is available to download and stream now from all major platforms

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