Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Single Review - Run To - Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn and her band seem to spend half the year on tour – and we are looking forward to their UK leg later this year - until then we can get some comfort from her new single – Run To

We were lucky enough to get the first review copy of this track ahead of its release on 24 April.

If you’ve seen Jessica and her band on stage you will know that they deliver a big show – and here they have delivered a big song!

Not a high energy track, Run To is more of a power ballad. It’s not quite Country but why worry about labelling a genre when a song is this good?

A brief instrumental intro with crystal clear piano quickly ushers in Jessica’s voice.  The track revolves around the vocal, but the backing not only comes to the fore as a form of punctuation but serves to drive the song with drums coming in for an early crescendo – the song just builds and builds with that voice  starting to soar. Just as you think the song has peaked, in comes the intense guitar solo, the guitar which then takes over from the keys for that in fill between the lyrics.

And then Jessica takes it up another gear adding pure power…before a soft final line…and that soft final breath…

Jessica is singing of love, of desire – that feeling when you realise that you not only want to be with someone, but you want to be with them now and forever. You can’t be with them soon enough – so you want to run to them, “hold you in my arms… tell you my secrets”

It’s a powerful emotion told in a powerful song

Run To, the new single from Jessica Lynn is available to preorder now, and to download and stream from 24 April

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  1. I am really looking forward to this release… even more so after your review. Jessica Lynn is an amazing songwriter, singer and performer.

    You say that the song isn't "Country." What is country music today? Country artists have broken down the walls between genres. Country has become "Popular Music" (Pop). Pre Beatles Pop music has become Jazz. You can now hear country bands that rock as big as the biggest rock bands… Country artist that rap. Jessica Lynn fits the "country" label as it is today. If there was a music genre called "Damned Good Music" she would be First Lady.

    Again, I enjoyed your review and I really look forward to hearing it for myself! :-)