Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Single Review - It Took A Woman - Tommy Atkins

Silverball Country Awards nominee (song of the Year) Tommy Atkins is back for the beginning of Pride month with a single from his forthcoming debut.  Album.  It Took A Woman is a love song – but as you might expect from Tommy, there is a twist. The object of the song is not his partner (In Tommy’s case, his husband) but the Grandmother who raised him.  The song tells us how great the husband is, how proud Tommy is to be married to him, but there is the acknowledgement that he wouldn’t be the man he is without the woman who raised him.

It took a woman to raise the man of my dreams

The lyrics reflect  a wedding day speech (how were the speeches at your wedding Tommy?) and musically the pace and tone of reflects that and match the love that you can hear – for the husband and the woman who raised him.  As a song this will make a fabulous Father/Daughter or Mother/Song dance at weddings.  Tommy has a soft and gentle style when the song calls for it, and the instrumentation of guitar and strings complement that almost perfectly.  To add depth there are beautiful backing vocals provided by Rissi Palmer – an artiste that Tommy has long looked up to.

I hope that I measure up

You do Tommy, and so does the song.  We can’t wait for the album.

It Took A Woman, the new single from Tommy Atkins is available now to download and stream.

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