Monday, November 23, 2020

Single Review - Its Just Not Christmas - Jessica Lynn

If you have seen Jessica Lynn playing live with her band. You will know she is renowned for her energetic shows (and her incredible hair) but her latest single It's Just Not Christmas shows her gentle and reflective side

Opening with a lovely description of a fairy-tale Christmas – snow, lights and our favourite record playing, but this isn’t going to be a fairy-tale Christmas after all.  Our storyteller is actually looking at “another Christmas without you”.  The song encapsulates that feeling of missing someone at a time that is traditionally one for families and being together with loved ones

Whatever the reason for being apart or for having an empty place at the Christmas table, the emotion is there in this haunting song.  Jess’s voice almost cracks, and the soft male vocal and stunning guitar from Steve Marks of Gasoline and Matches ensures that we can feel the love that they feel, and the loss and loneliness.  It’s a theme that exists in many Christmas songs of the past but given an extra dimension by the simplicity of this arrangement – two voices, two guitars.  The guitar sounds are almost layers, which we normally reserve for backing vocals, but this style of electric over acoustic adds to the feel.

When we get to the instrumental break, you can see very easily why Jessica invited Steve to join her on this track – his acoustic guitar playing is sublime, and adds to the track without being overpowering in any way

As a Christmas song, It's Just Not Christmas won’t have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree, but it it will give you a moment to sit back, look at the decorations and reflect on absent friends, and perhaps raise a toast to those who aren’t with us this year for whatever reason

It's Just Not Christmas, the new single from Jessica Lynn is available now to download and stream from all major platforms

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