Monday, June 10, 2019

EP Review - Wrote Off - Emilia Quinn

The paddock stage at Buckle and Boots 2019 opened with to heavyweight “acts” – an industry Q&A session and the first of the two Songwriter rounds.  Imagine being the first musical act to take to the stage between those two.

Emilia Quinn was that act.  

On her own on stage with just her guitar she demonstrated her powerful music, strong voice and clear confidence – it was a tough slot but she more than held her own and earned her place on that stage

The great thing about the Paddock stage is that it is a chance to see the future, and that was true in this case, as following her appearance Emilia has now released her debut EP “Wrote Off

The EP consists of three tracks – Sorry Momma, Woman Like Me and Wrote Off, each showcasing that strong voice that we heard at Buckle and Boots.  With the gentle vocals on the tracks, Emilia’s voice puts me in mind of Suzanne Vega at times, especially on the title track.

All three tracks use gentle guitar under the voice with great percussion providing the back beat to songs which all seem to say “here I am, this is me – take me as I am, or don’t take me at all”

With a voice like this – we’ll take you exactly as you are Emilia

Emilia Quinn’s debut EP “Wrote Off” is available now for download and streaming – and on physical CDs!

  Find Emilia on FacebookOnline and celebrating the end of her degree!

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